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Witches Burrs are very powerful little things and are called different names including Sweet Gum Pods, Witch Balls, or JackBalls.

These little pods are very versatile in any type of rootwork. The Sweetgum tree is a tree of good energy and attracts likewise spirits. They can bring protection, help in hexing, add power to a working and also banish.

They signify protection and are believed to keep negativity away, bring good luck, and keep unwanted company away from your house.

They are also said to add power to any altar that they sit upon, increasing the energy of any spell work done.

Create amulets or wall hangings can be made from burrs for prosperity, wealth attraction, protection, and fertility.

Naturally hollow since the seed has been removed before they fall out of the tree, they can be stuffed with other ceremonial herbs and sealed with wax.

Wild harvested. Listing is 2 Witches Burr

Witch's Burr

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