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When we created our Tree of Life necklace, we decided to do something
different. Whereas most of the Tree of Life jewelry pieces you see feature a tree
trunk, we decided to make it a woman. Women are known for being nurturing
and giving, especially mothers, so we created this necklace in deference to that.
She is spreading her arms to provide life, healing, love, and shelter to those who
need it.
Like our other necklaces, this necklace is made from Rhodium-plated .925 sterling
silver. The plating ensures its luster and creates a hypoallergenic piece for those
with sensitive skin to wear. Perfect for gift giving, it comes with a red and black
velvet box and an 18” lobster clasp chain.
• Rhodium-plated .925 sterling silver necklace with 18-inch chain
• Made with approximately 5 grams of silver.
• The necklace is hypoallergenic.

Tree of Life Necklace

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