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We have pride in our work and you deserve the best products available.
Red Brick dust is a powerful magical antidote that is said to protect you and your home from negative energies.
It is an old tradition to cleanse your front doorway with red brick dust to protect the entrance to your home and to keep negative energy away. This is done by simply laying a line across the doorways and entrances to your home or business. Anyone who wants to cause you harm will feel uncomfortable and will not enter. If you really want to keep the negativity away from your door step you can run a line of red brick dust completely around your home or business. Allegedly, negative energy can not cross the line of dust.
The bricks used to make our dust are from the early 1900's and are located on our property near the old mill. The old mill is surrounded by a flowing natural stream with a waterfall and the bricks absorb the energy from the water making them very powerful. Our red brick dust is crushed by hand using a mortar and pestle and positive energy and white light is put into it as the bricks are made into dust.

Red Brick Dust Rough Coarse

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