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50 Square Cut Coffin Nails 

Coffin Nails are a staple in both traditional witchcraft and hoodoo works. As a token from the dead, coffin nails are potent tools when working banishing magic, curse magic, and speaking with the dead.
They can be used to 'nail down' the corners of one's home to prevent one from being forced to leave. The nails can also be used to make your own War or Mars Water, used for protection from those who wish you harm, and are widely used in spells of the dark arts, malevolence, jinxing and hexing. Coffin nails can be used in place of ordinary inscribing nails or pins in magical rites for added power. The intent and workings of the items are up to you, we sell only the tools of magick, and do not guarantee the outcome.

All of our Coffin Nails have been buried in a local cemetery dating back to the late 1700s for two moon cycles.

Coffin Nails Bulk

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