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Get Protection from Evil Spirits Using Tar Water

Updated: May 4, 2023

Tar water (or tar-water) has been around for centuries. It has been widely known in both medicinal and occult circles for its many benefits. In its most basic form, it is tar mixed with water. However, Hoodoo protection tar water also contains protective herbs. Just as its ingredients can differ from one vendor to another, its uses have also varied throughout the centuries. Here are some important things to know about the history of tar water and how it can offer protection from evil spirits.

Tar Water in Medicine

The mixture of water and pine tar was a popular form of medieval medicine. It was considered a cure-all. People continued to rely on it for its potential medicinal value through several centuries. Tar water was even mentioned by Charles Dickens in “Great Expectations” in the 1800s.

The Practice of Hoodoo

Hoodoo is not the same as Voodoo. Voodoo is a religion, while Hoodoo is a blending of spiritual beliefs and medicinal practices. Hoodoo was first established as its own set of spiritual practices by enslaved practitioners in the United States. Hoodoo is very much a plant and water-based practice. Its practitioners have deep understandings of how to use herbs, water, and other natural components to achieve various spiritual goals. Today, its practitioners are known by many names, including:

  • Hoodoo Doctors

  • Swampers

  • Rootworkers

  • Conjure Doctors

Hoodoo Tar Water

Much of Hoodoo focuses on protection from demons or protection from evil spirits. One powerful way to get protection from demons in a certain physical space is to use tar water in that space. Tar water can be used to protect a space preemptively from negative energy. However, it is most often used to dispel negative energy that already resides in a space, such as a malevolent spirit.

If you plan to use tar water in a space, another important thing to know is it does not discriminate. Use of tar water can remove good spiritual energy from a room or space in much the same way it provides protection from demons or bad spirits. Expect a complete cleansing of the space. You will essentially wipe the spiritual slate clean when you use it.

Our Tar Water

Here at Bell, Brick & Candle, our focus is on providing tar water with protective powers. We incorporate the use of protective herbs and pray to bring in white light over the course of two days, as we prepare each bottle. Our hope is to help you on your journey towards spiritual cleansing with not only our tar water, but also the many other products we offer.

- Written by Jessica Kosinski


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